New Music Today: Where To Find It

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New music today can be generally sorted into a wide number of categories. The wide range of musical styles that can be found in new music today is evident of the evolution of new music today. Some of the categories that exist in new music consist of Hip Hop/Rap, R&B, Rock, Electronic Dance Music or EDM, Trap, House etc. This wide range of musical styles in new music means a great number of musicians involved in creating this new music. It can get tedious to keep up with all the new music coming out today and unless one is a dedicated fan, one will get left behind. To keep up with all the new music coming out, one has a certain number of media outlets available to them.

The first one that comes to mind is, surprisingly, blogs. Blogs are a generally new idea in the musical landscape but they have grown to such a high level of importance in releasing new music that major record labels actually involve blogs in their promotional campaigns for new music album releases. Certain blogs are even so confident that people will be visiting their websites to discover new music that they charge artists fees to host their content upon their website. A few examples of major blogs or new music websites are Worldstar Hip Hop, This Is 50, XXLMag, Vibe, HipHopDX, OkayPlayer, Blazing Shepherd and Underground Hip Hop blog. These blogs host new music videos sent to them by the artists or the labels which have been either uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo or their actual website. They can also share new music audio files uploaded on their websites or on other audio file sharing sites such as SoundCloud or Audiomack. Also, users can create profiles on these audio file sharing sites or YouTube and subscribe to the channels or individuals they know will be posting new music regularly so they can get alerts when the new music is uploaded.

Another major avenue for discovering new music is the Television. Music channels like Much Music or MTV regularly show new music videos and people tune in to discover this new music. Also, the radio is another good avenue to discover new music. A good thing about the radio for discovering new music is that the radio stations are sorted into genres so say you are into Top 40, which comprises of New Hip Hop, EDM and Pop, you can tune into a certain station for that. Blogs are also generally sorted into musical genre too.

Whatever one's taste of music, with the musical climate of today and the amount of new music being released, one can be sure to find new music that they can relate to and which satisfies their new music cravings.