Moving Canadian Hip Hop Forward

Drake - Canadian hip hop artist
When you think about Canadian Hip Hop, a few notable names jump to mind; Drake, Kardinal Offfishal, Maestro Fresh Wes. Who you do not hear about are the DJs behind the scene working to make things happen. Canadian Hip Hop as a genre began in the 1980s. It developed really slowly and there were only a handful of people performing this new phenomenon. Some of the originators of Canadian Hip Hop such as Kish still rap once in a while but are making their living focusing on other ventures such as voice-overs in Hollywood or in the case of Maestro Fresh Wes, writing books.

Why is Canadian Hip Hop not looked upon as a profitable venture? This might be due to a number of factors. One of which is Canadian Hip Hop fans do not actually support their own but look to the artists in the States for music. They often look at Canadian Hip Hop as inferior and this might be as a result of Canadian Hip Hop artists not devoting themselves fully to their craft, as they cannot afford to. Also, quality is a very important factor. This has to do with everything from the lyrics to production, to the vocal mix and mastering of the song. If Canadian Hip Hop artists spent a little more time fine-tuning these aspects and working on their craft, the Canadian Hip Hop Music industry would be sure to experience a boom, Also, DJs need to support the Canadian Hip Hop artists by playing their records and blog websites need to do their part also.

We are living in a blogging culture presently where music spreads by word of mouth and as long as the Canadian Hip Hop artists are putting out good material on a consistent basis, then the music would be sure to be heard by people, as long as the blog sites choose to write posts about these new releases. It is up the Canadian Hip Hop artist to ensure that they have a great marketing structure in place because what good is making a record if no one hears it? Also, making good music is one thing but you also need the visuals to accompany it and keep people interested and excited about the music they are listening to.

Good artwork is also essential and something that is missing from the Canadian Hip Hop Industry. Canadian Hip Hop artists should consider commissioning graphic designers to create artwork for their new releases to give it a sense on professionalism. Finally, Canadian Hip Hop artists should learn to collaborate together, because it is only by unity that we can all move forward together.

If all of these suggestions are adhered to, then the Canadian Hip Hop industry would be sure to experience a growth and this would be the start of great things for all of us.